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Searchlight Soul Press

Mini-Zines (Boot Camp / Grunge!)


Image of Mini-Zines (Boot Camp / Grunge!)

Searchlight Soul Press's mini zines are not only good quick fun, but they can be carefully unfolded so that you can learn the art of the one-sheet DIY zine! The most accessible form of zining imaginable!

"Boot Camp" is an illustrative interpretation of the song "Boot Camp" by Soundgarden, the closer from their 1996 album, "Down On The Upside." An exploration of a song all the more heartbreaking in the shadow of Chris Cornell's death, and a tribute to Chris Cornell. For Lily, Toni, Chris, Vicky, and Susan.

"Grunge!" celebrates a unique cultural movement by sharing fun facts and context behind some of its most celebrated songs. For example, did you Would? by Alice In Chains is a pun tribute to Mother Love Bone singer Andy Wood? Or that Rusty Cage by Soundgarden is about Chris Cornell escaping the objectification of his smoking hot body? Fall down the flannel-lined clickhole and keep the dream of the 90's alive!